Writing other people's stories... 
with Liz Welch

Everyone has a story to tell, but some people need help putting their stories into compelling narratives. “As told to” is a popular form among national magazines--and can be parlayed into any written form, whether books, plays or blogs. Editors often assign “as told to” stories to journalists who are capable of interviewing a subject who has something extraordinary happen to him or her- whether a Haitian earthquake survivor, a 9-11 widow or a famous CEO- and use that person’s words to tell his or her story.

Liz Welch is an award winning journalist who has been published in Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, Self, The New York Times Magazine as well as many other publications. She is a contributor at Inc. Magazine. Liz is the co-author of the memoir, The Kids Are All Right (Harmony 2009) with her sister, Diana Welch.  She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband.

“Perfect is boring.” Well, 1982 certainly wasn't boring for the Welch family. Somehow, between their handsome father’s mysterious death, their glamorous soap opera star mother’s cancer diagnosis, and a phalanx of lawyers intent on bankruptcy proceedings, the four Welch siblings managed to handle each new heartbreaking misfortune together. But all that changed with the death of their mother. While nineteen year-old Amanda was legally on her own, the three younger siblings—Liz, 16; Dan, 14 and Diana, 8—were each dispersed to a different set of family friends.

Told in the alternating voices of the four siblings, this memoir tells their poignant, harrowing story of growing up as lost souls, taking disastrous turns along the way, but eventually coming out right side up. The kids are not only all right; they're back together.

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